UI for Food Ordering App

“Keep things simple"
— Clarence Leonard “Kelly” Johnson,

Food Ordering App

Burghers is an online food ordering app, exclusively for ordering burgers. The idea came to mind because passion for eating burgers led me to look every time for the best burgers, either in my own country, or in countries I visited. 

Logo & Naming

The Name:A Burgher is a citizen of a town or city,typically a member of the wealthybourgeoisie. The idea is to upgrade the burger from a popular junk food to “privilaged” junk food.


The Design:Design-wise the logo is made out of 2 elements, an burger linear icon the most classic burger a cheeseburger and the typography is the Galano Grotesque font with some twicked rounded corners.Both the icon and the font have the same radious of rounded cornes of 7pixels, for a “calmer” look and feel.


* more interactive UI prototypes coming soon