UI for Sports App

“Keep things simple"
— Clarence Leonard “Kelly” Johnson,


Training App

Being a boxing and kickboxing athlete myself, I alwayswanted to create an app thatwould concentrate my trainingschedule, a timer, a collection ofmy stats during my training,but also would make me easilypay my subscription and finda sparring partner.

Logo & Naming

The Name:The name is simply the surname of theinstructor which also is the name of the team.


The Design:The logo consists of an icon in the form of a V from the first letter of the surname Vlachothanasis, and inside there is a heavy bag hanging. I wanted to create a bold symbol that also resembles a bit a shield, to emphasise on the self defense you learn from the sport but the V is also pointy to show that you can mainly defense but also attack like a pointy edge of a spear.The typography of the logo is also bold to match the icon.

app-presentation copy-08.png
app-presentation copy-02.png
app-presentation copy-03.png
app-presentation copy-05.png
app-presentation copy-04.png
app-presentation copy-06.png
app-presentation copy-07.png

* more interactive UI prototypes coming soon