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Fitness App

Mobile app for sports gym. Focus on training schedules and subscription plans


Branding & Ui design


Early 2021

i-Phone 11 Pro Mockup.jpg


In order for a gym to work properly different parameters need to be aligned 

Being a boxing and kickboxing athlete myself, I alwayswanted to create an app that would concentrate my training schedule, a timer, a collection ofmy stats during my training,but also would make me easily pay my subscription and finda sparring partner.

Branding  & Naming

The Name

The name is simply the surname of theinstructor which also is the name of the team.


The Design


The logo consists of an icon in the form of a V from the first letter of the surname Vlachothanasis, and inside there is a heavy bag hanging. I wanted to create a bold symbol that also resembles a bit a shield, to emphasise on the self defence you learn from the sport but the V is also pointy to show that you can mainly defence but also attack like a pointy edge of a spear.The typography of the logo is also bold to match the icon.


Ui & Visual Design


The font chose for this app is the Acumin Variable font.

Acumin is a versatile sans-serif typeface family designed by Robert Slimbach, intended for a balanced and rational quality. Solidly neo-grotesque, it performs beautifully at display sizes but also maintains an exceptional degree of sensitivity for text sizes.

H1: Acumin Variable Concept Cond. Bold - 28 pt

H2:  Acumin Variable Concept Cond. Bold - 21 pt

Button: Acumin Variable Concept Cond. Bold -19 pt

H3 - Icon titles : Acumin Variable Concept Cond. - 20pt

H4 - Icon titles : Acumin Variable Concept Cond. - 12pt



The colours used are red & blue.
These colours represent the red and blue that the two sides wear in the ring 



Icons were used throughout the web-app, following the colour scheme so nothing looks out of place.


Prototype and Implementation

screen captions-05.png
screen captions-04.png
screen captions-06.png
screen captions-07.png
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