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Θα περάσει - It shall pass

How you doin'?

Hit between the eye

Mental Health Awareness Month

The following two animations were made to raise awareness on the mental health during the

 Mental Health Awareness Month of May.

Trilly Shoes

Trillly shoes, are innovative shoes for women. The innovation of these shoes lies at their heel. An adaptable heel that with one click can change it height from 5-8cm, in order to help women that are tired with a high heel during the day, but they don't want to carry with them a second pair of shoes.

The brief here was to make a social media post for the Trilly brand for the earth day but also to show the sustainability part of this innovative shoe along with the heel patented technology. The idea here was to make the shoe look like it is breathing, in it's natural environment with the flowers. The bee makes us follow her and thus see the whole shoe as she flies and end up on the brands' logo.

Dangerous Water


Christmas Snowball

The Gate

What if letters could move?Being a lover of typography and illustrations here is an experiment of turning typographic forms into moving elements.

The 'Red Riding Hood

The 'A' Pool

Hotel M

Intergalactic B

Lava C

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