Case Studies

Vela App - Sports Weather  App

Days on the water are meant to be relaxing and fun. Imagine wanting to spend a day on the water but feeling uneasy about doing so because you do not feel confident about your ability to correctly interpret important weather conditions that can help you stay safe-no fun!

A “plug and play” wind, wave, and weather report application for many different water sport lovers.


Fitted Webapp - Fitness

This responsive web app aims to help people get into an exercise of their choice by holding their hand a bit and providing routines, guides, interactive examples, and info.

An app to motivate people into an exercise routine that suits their level, schedule, and interests.


Kickboxing App - Fitness

For the good and smooth operation of a gym many different standards are required. This app will help in making a business like that exceed.

A native app for a sports gym, to help clients with their training, keep track of their activities and their subscription duties.


Burghers - Food Ordering app

Craving a burger? In this app you are
able to choose from the best burgers in town

A food ordering app specifically for burger lovers.
An app made only to order burgers.